The Power Plan

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Everybody wants a little bit more power, but the thing is not many people even know 'what' it actually is

Simplified, power is maximal muscle force in explosive bursts

Good for sport? Yes, yes, and yes

The Power Plan builds power all round

From lower body, to upper body, to rotational

Not only that, but it is designed to help you get maximum transfer for when out matters most


What You Will Get:

  • An 8-week power plan delivered through the Parfournen Academy app.

  • 2 testing weeks (pre and post) in addition to two progressive strength and power phases

  • Access to The Parfournen Inner Circle where you can ask any question to Danny and his team

PLUS: We have also thrown it a Built for Athletes Nutrition Book to make sure you are fuelled for pure power

If you follow the programming in full and don't increase your power output? We will refund you 100% of your purchase

That is how confident we are of the plan we have built