The Agility Plan

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We all want to step like Kolbe, no?

Agility, buzzword? Out of context maybe....

Just for the fancy backs? Absolutely not

Being aim to react to your environment, move, and accelerate has a place for both running into contact as well as beating players 1v1

But here's the thing - how?

Fancy drills implementing tons of cones, poles, and hurdles look good

But people are running before they can walk (quite literally)

​Which is EXACTLY why The Agility Plan was built

We'll help you build the physical qualities in the gym to have better agility, whilst improving your technique where it matters, the field.

What You Will Get:

  • An 8-week speed plan delivered through the Parfournen Academy app.

  • Technical and gym based sessions built towards improve change of direction.

  • Access to The Parfournen Inner Circle where you can ask any question to Danny and his team

PLUS: We have also thrown it a Built for Athletes Nutrition Book to make sure you are fuelled for stepping

If you follow the programming in full and don't become more agile on the pitch? You'll receive a 100% refund