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What should you eat?

How should you recover?

Why is periodisation something you need to understand?

When do you increase intensity and bring it back down?

These are just SOME of the questions you may ask yourself monthly, weekly, and even daily as you grind hard to improve your physical performance for rugby.

This IS the answer.

Parfournen's most comprehensive guide ever made is 100+ pages long and provides you with a blueprint towards your potential

In this digital e-book you will have access to information on the following topics:

• Strength & Conditioning Theory

• Planning & Periodisation Strategies

• Optimising Your Recovery

• Nutrition for Rugby

• Conducting a Needs Analysis (with some data to get you started)

• Designing a Strength & Conditioning Plan (short, medium, and long term)

• And a few more


We'll deliver deep into the following areas to help you seriously take control of your training:

• Strength and Power Training for Rugby

• The Speed and Agility Technical Models

• Building the Engine

• Reducing the Risk of Rugby Related Injuries

AND FINALLY (if all of the above wasn't enough) you will also have access to a range of templates and training plans that you can immediately implement or use as guides to build your own.

If you ever really wanted to take a full holistic approach to your physical performance, then this is the book.