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Everyday athletes with extraordinary results

Sebastian Murati

Each phase of my program has been carefully layered and the effects of the first phase are clearly noticeable in the second one. Training with Parfournen will be beneficial for any self-motivated rugby players that are looking to improve their strength, conditioning, fitness and overall game

Sarah Silva

Parfournen Coaching has been a wonderful experience, and it gave me the guidance I needed to regain confidence in my running and become a better and more resilient rugby player whilst in lockdown.

Owen Gemmell

Since working with Parfournen I've gone from running with imbalances to full sprinting. Danny is a top coach, would recommend any player wanting to reach a new level or their highest potential to work with him. Knows his stuff. Can't wait for the future with his training and guidance.

Play Better Rugby.

Bigger, fitter, faster, stronger. We all want a little bit of each. The carry over to rugby is unquestionable, being a better athlete will make you a better player. That's why the Parfournen Academy was born. To provide everyday rugby athletes with a specific periodised strength and conditioning plan.

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Rugby Specific Programming On The Go

You'll not only have access to your own strength and conditioning coach but you will also be able to take advantage of your own technical coach. Working on positional specific drills and analysing your game day performances.

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Fuel For Performance

A strength and conditioning plan is half the battle, optimising your nutrition and recovery allows you perform when it really matters. All academy members receive a nutrition recipe book every single month with full support and advice.

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